Care Giving is a God Given Honor


I am a trained Care Giver in the State of Washington, I started doing this, because my father was in need of personal care as his Dementia was getting worse. I didn't know much about Dementia, or Alzheimers.. but over time, I have learned a great deal, and wish I had known more back when I was caring for my father. Now just shortly after burying my father February of 2013, I took on the job of giving Care to my Aunt. She is Older than my father and her Dementia is much more advanced.

So, What I would like to do.. Is give you some facts first about Dementia so that you understand it, then I would like to give you some personal experiences and how they were handled. I am hoping that by reading this information.. You too can find peace and enjoyment when caring for the elderly. It takes a strong heart, a loving heart, lots of patience and understanding, and believe me.. if you have a weak stomach.. this job isn't for you. Click Here.. and We'll get started first with some facts.